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Safety Courses

The Delaware Safety Council offer Safety classroom courses a with times and dates convenient for you, your family or your businessAll courses are available at Member pricing and can be presented at your location or scheduled at the Delaware Safety Council. 

Distracted-Driving Addiction Awareness*

This course is an extension of the Defensive Driving safety course, but with emphasis on distracted driving and its hazards. Lecture and discussion will bring focus on the ever-growing tendency of individuals in our society/communities engaging in high levels of Driving-Distracted and continuing to do so with the knowledge that such behavior invites hazardous situations. However, they continually to do so without acknowledging their uncontrolled addiction to such behaviors. United States and global stats/studies will be presented to reveal the powerful addictive nature of our smartphones, and the need for constant social media involvement during our daily travels.

Class Length: 2 Hours                             Tuition: $20

Fire Safety Awareness*

Basic fire safety tips and precautions will be presented and discussed to develop the public’s mindset for fire safety awareness, and recognition of National Fire Prevention Month [in October] and Fire Prevention Week [usually the 2nd week in October]. Emphasis is placed on individual and community organizational involvement in implementing basic fire safety habits and practices to reduce the human contributing factor in home fire mishaps.

Class Length: 2 Hours                              Tuition: $20

Gun Safety and Security Awareness*

Discussions will teach gun safety and security at home, in travel, and responsible [basic] gun handling habits. In addition, active shooter safety awareness and suggestions on what to do will be discussed, as well as personal protection and your right to stop-the-threat. This course will not be a debate on the 2nd Amendment or the right to bear arms, but the concerns that should be in place when one decides to legally own or carry a firearm.

Class Length: 2 Hours                              Tuition: $20

Personal Safety and Security Awareness*

This general-audience safety course helps to improve one’s urban personal safety and security awareness, to develop the ability to recognize potentially unsafe environments and situations, to improve one’s reaction time to avoid and/or reduce unsafe confrontations/situations, and above all, develop a mindset to survive any/all dangerous and hazardous situations. The course will cover safety and security at home, during travel, at work, at school, and while shopping. Through lecture, class discussion, and video scenarios, class participants will cultivate the CAPS mindset for an improved quality-of-life.

Class Length: 2 Hours                              Tuition: $20

* Call for group pricing of 20+ for your organization, company or community activity.

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