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Does the Delaware Safety Council assist with job placement?

The Delaware Safety Council provides the necessary training at the DSC Training Facility to become certified flagger.  Certified flaggers are encouraged to conduct a search online to locate placement agencies and/or companies that are seeking flaggers, as the Delaware Safety Council does not assist with job placement. 

Where can I purchase flagger equipment? 

Flagger equipment can be purchased at the following locations:

§  McDonald Safety Equipment Inc., 581 Copper Drive, Newport, DE  19804 - (302) 999-0151

§  Enterprise Flasher Company, 4 Hadco Road, Wilmington, DE  19804 - (302) 999-0856

Do I receive a discount if I purchase equipment at McDonald Safety Equipment?

Flaggers referred to McDonald Safety Equipment by the Delaware Safety Council will receive a discount by mentioning the Delaware Safety Council at the time of equipment purchase. 

Who should I contact is I lose my certification card? 

If you lose your certification card, you should contact ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) at 1(877) 642-4637. 

Is there a fee if I lose my certification card? 

ATTSA charges $10 to replace your certification card. 

In our region, in which states is my certification valid? 

The certification is valid in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  You can contact ATSSA to receive a complete list of states in which the certification is valid.  

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